GT Racing: Motor Academy

GT Racing: Motor Academy 1.3.0

In-depth racing game for Java phones


  • Good impression of speed
  • Attractive graphics
  • Lots of real life cars to choose from


  • Career mode can be overwhelming

Very good

GT Racing: Motor Academy is an impressive racing game for Nokia devices. It features 21 different real life cars and nine tracks.

There are two game modes in GT Racing: Motor Academy: Instant Race and Career Mode. In Instant Race you can choose a track and start to play. There's only one track available at first though, and you must win each to unlock the next course.

The career mode in GT Racing: Motor Academy borrows a lot from the format of Gran Turismo. You need to pass a series of tests and work your way up through the various divisions as you go for glory. There are upgrades available that help you improve your chances and you can change cars once you have enough money (earned through performance in races).

Graphically, GT Racing: Motor Academy is pretty good for a Java game, with good car likenesses and varied courses, some based on real life tracks. The handling of the cars is good, and it won't take you long to get used to the control system.

With its huge career mode, great graphics and addictive gameplay, GT Racing: Motor Academy is a must for Nokia touchscreen owners with a penchant for speed.

GT Racing: Motor Academy


GT Racing: Motor Academy 1.3.0

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